Ratio is infected

Hi friends,

I unistalled ratio as my phone shows warning of ratio is being infected need to uninstall immediately.

My device is not supported. Honor play.

I will install ratio once it’s available in playstore. Till then I am not going to use ratio.

Installing from bllocdesk with lots of permission has been given is not too good idea as for me.

It will raise seriously lots of security concerns. How the data has been handled. Cause ratio has lots of permission grated for bllocdesk and also some settings also written in android using usb debugging.

So I am not going to use ratio anymore. I will be in the community as I want to track the development process.
I need stable ratio in playstore not by bllocdesk.

Security and privacy matters a lot than cool features and new look.

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Thanks for your comment! Pretty sure that the team appreciates the feedback. Do you have a screenshot of what you are referring to?

I have been using Blloc products since the Z18 and I am certain that security and privacy are their top priorities. I understand your concerns and glad that you are willing to track the development and continue to be part of the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your contributions.

Edit: Make sure to join the Discord as well :slight_smile:

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Sadly I don’t have screen shot. But I don’t want any third party apk to have so much permission in my device which is not even in playstore.

But as I said I will be in this community waiting for stable bug free ratio.

I want ratio but not in this way.

I love ratio as I first saw in YouTube. I searched I requested it and I got it. But it sometimes reminds me that the ratio is unique and it’s not in playstore too. I loved it. I used ratio for couple of weeks. In that time I loved ratio. It’s cool. But security and privacy in my first concern.

I will be waiting for stable ratio. Hope it will happen soo n

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Here’s the reason behind ratio being installed from bllocdesk. It’s alright to suspect as long as you don’t know what’s inside. We respect your opinions, just stating the reason why it couldn’t be made available over playstore.

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Discord official???

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No. Just community initiative as of now. We hope we can get to official level at some point though :slight_smile:

It’s not official as of now, we created it for discussions so that forums can be clean and without off topics with staff having to see only what’s necessary.

All discussions will be made in discord and results will be created topics in the forum


I know already. But for common user i want it installed by playstore.

Security issues are not that dire, but installing from playstore is something I’m expecting to happen

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With considerate experience of rooting and flashing, I can say few things aren’t possible without root privileges. To overcome the issue Blloc is using this desktop version.

Also, I’d like to remind Blloc isn’t the first to do this. If you have used Andromeda for Substratum you’d understand this is acceptable. Ofcourse I do not deny the need to consider about privacy concerns.

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