Ratio installation error

Im stuck at the installation process
Nothing is happening

Hi @jaishetty007 can you send us a screenshot or a bit more info about where you’re stuck?

Hi Jai, you’ll need to enter a fullscreen mode to be able to see the ‘Next’ button at the bottom. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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what device do you have?

Retry doing it. Close Blloc desk and give it a go again. See what happens :slight_smile: and let us know :smiley:

i have a samsung galaxy a70 and even i face the same problem

I am using Oneplus 6…i know its not supported…hence the error…gotta wait now i guess

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Wait, what!? Are you sure your device is supported?

I dont know waether my device is supported or not.

At the moment, I’m only believe only the pixel 4 and OP7 are able to install Ratio. More devices should follow soon though.