Ratio Install help

Hello guys, i am pretty new to community but i saw great review’s and i would like to have ratio on my phone.
I have invitation code, i have an android phone OnePlus 7 PRO 5G, BUT i dont have an laptop/pc/mac… Can somebody help me to install it without bllocdesk?

I would appreciate, thanks.

Currently you cannot install without Laptop/PC. You need the BllocDesk Desktop app to install.

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Thats sad… So i just need to wait for google play thing?

I think your right. For my understanding, BllocDesk is required to give it specific rights (through usb debugging), regardless of the sole installation of the launcher. Maybe a friend can borrow you a laptop. After the installation, you can log off your device from Blloc Desk.

I hope you can install Ratio soon!

Yea i think so much to do that but i dont have any friends with 64bits windows many of them they are using low end pc for office. :frowning: For that i was thinking maybe is an apk with install using your invitation code.

we just updated the windows version up a version to support 32-bit give it a try :slight_smile:

On my way love you guys ! Brb with a note

Nvm its same link, its installing now.

Ok, i installed im gone play with it and see how it is and let you know guys.