Ratio Guide: Installing & Setting up Ratio

A step by step guide to Install Ratio is here, which covers the installation of Ratio along with FAQs.

Now that Ratio is listed on Play Store, install it just like a regular app from this link - Ratio by Blloc

Once installed, go through the onboarding guide and grant permissions as needed. System write permission is needed for the color mode to work. It can either be granted easily through desktop app found here - Desktop tool or adb way, instructions of which can be found on the popup in-app.

Old way

Ratio Pro:-
Step 1 - Installing BllocDesk

  • Download BllocDesk from here - https://www.blloc.com/bllocdesk

  • Installing on Mac:

    • Save / Move BllocDesk.dmg to Desktop
    • Run BllocDesk.dmg
    • Drag and drop BllocDesk into the Applications folder
    • Open applications folder, run BllocDesk and allow
    • If system doesn’t allow, drag to desktop > Hold Option + right click on BllocDesk icon > Open
    • Click open on the next pop-up
    • Allow file access to Desktop
    • Go to Install > Follow Steps mentioned there.
  • Installing on PC:

    • Save / Move BllocDesk.exe to Desktop
    • Rightclick on BllocDesk.exe and run as Administrator
    • If installation is blocked by Windows with a dialogue ‘Windows Protected PC’, click “Run Anyway”
    • Allow Access on the Windows Defender Dialogue.
    • Go to Install > Follow Steps mentioned there.

Step 2 - Installing Ratio Pro

  • Navigate to Install
  • Step 1 & 2 Instructions to be followed on your device.
  • Enter your code on Step 4
  • Step 5 downloads Ratio. This could take time depending on your internet speed.
  • Step 6 is to allow necessary permissions (this is the reason Ratio needs to be installed over a system)
  • Step 7 is to accept T&C (You’re supposed to read it!)
    Note - In the process a screen splashes on your device to input code, DO NOT input anything. BllocDesk is supposed to do the job.
    Run as Admin (if operating on a windows PC)

Ta Da! Your Ratio Launcher is ready to be used on your device, just allow some permissions.

Step 3 - Ratio Permissions to be allowed on your device

  • Notification Access for Ratio - access from ratio settings
  • Usage Access for Ratio - access from ratio settings
  • Accessibility for App Lock & Color Mode

Ratio Lite:-

  • Download BllocServices.apk from here - https://downloads.blloc.com/ratio/latest/BllocServices.apk
  • Allow installation of apk from Browser under settings
  • Install Blloc Services
  • Blloc Services will check and download latest version of Ratio & Lines Icon Pack
  • Install both Ratio & Lines Icon Pack
  • Go to Home Screen > Input code
  • Allow Permissions Just like in Step 3 above.

Ratio Lite is still something to be excited of! Ta Daa again!


  • Moving from Pro to Lite or Vice-versa
    • Disable Permissions (Uninstall button in ratio settings takes care of this, but is you have issues then do it manually)
    • Uninstall Current Version
    • Reset Code from here - https://members.blloc.com
    • Install desired version as in steps above.

Uninstall Ratio:

Reset Code:

For users having uninstall issues only

Uninstall Pro:

Uninstall Lite:

User Issues:-

  1. Blloc Desk won’t Install due to Java error - User Permission issues, try creating a new (fresh) user profile and install it from there.
  2. Premature end of stream - Uninstall BllocDesk, Discard all related files and folders, Download again and Reinstall as administrator
    (to be updated)

Upon installation, this might be handy for you to setup (will be updated after tree launches)


One of our mods @BobbyV8 has made a great video on how to use Ratio. Here it is!! https://youtu.be/Wo5e79OfYPU


Vid available in 4K


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I’m having issues when installing the light

when I hit install after it downlpad in the blloc service. it just auto exit


@irugadark123 could you please explain which device your are using?

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I am using Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Sir

Restart device, make sure you have allowed install from other sources permission to your browser and Filemanager, try installing it from browser or file manager

I tried reinstalling and restarting my phone


And then did you check installed apps list? It says updating ratio, not installing it. Probably installed already. Do you have multiple user profiles?

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Hello, I have a redmi note 9s and when I click the install button on Blloc Services the updates the application is restarted


Blloc services app also updated. That’s the reason.

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After an update is installed, app should be restarted for the update to take effect. So is the reason it restarted.


Hi all,

I am using a Samsung Note 10. Trying to install Ratio from my MacBook however my Blloc Desk keep showing “waiting for USB connection” even my USB debugging is turned on.
Anyone knows what’s wrong?


Hi were u able to install it? Having the se issue here


I am unable to install Ratio. I have installed the Block Service app and even given it permission to install apps. But it doesn’t install anything and every time I refresh it says updates available.

I am using an Mi8 with MIUI 11 on Android 10.

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I am unable to sync with blloc desk because there is no qr code scan option in ratio settings


This worked!! Thanks