Ratio (full) on Galaxy S9, report

Been using ratio for a couple days on my S9 now. I’m aware it’s not officially supported device, but if I was invited to try, im sure my experience is relevant for feedback.

I’m a Niagara launcher user. In fact, I don’t recall when I started using it (that’s how long) and I paid for the pro version when it came out to support its development.

I think this premise is important because I think that ratio not only stays true to Niagara proposition, it takes that proposition a notch up. It lets me focus on the few apps I reeeaaalllyyy need to care and have on the reach of a swipe.

  • So far, I love ratio. I love how subtle and simple yet still provides advance customization if I need and look for it.
  • I don’t think I would care for the left panel (although I could imagine using it more if I could load my own RSS feeds into it).
  • I really need ability to see my Android For Work apps. Niagara is one of the few independent launcher that supports it. My phone is both personal and corporate and I need easy access to to those apps/alerts. Right now I work around this by launching Niagara, then launching the work apps I need, then use the launched app drawer to find them when I’m in ratio. I don’t think I can do this for ever if ratio takes a long time to support android for work.
  • [bug?] I’ve noticed that i sometimes (50% of the times?) cannot launch the webview when I hit a link on a news article on the left panel. This reduces even further my need for that panel. The webview frame appears but it won’t load the page. I need to use the app drawer to terminate the webview.
  • I sense, althought I cant quantify an increase in battery usage. Maybe it’s because I’m using the phone slightly more to experiment with Ratio
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