Ratio forcing me to use Light version

I’ve installed Ratio Pro on my phone but every single time an update comes in it always comes as Ratio Light and when I install it the pro version is replaced with light although I’ve used it in the past and had no problems still I don’t want to keep using the Light version when pro version is right there for me

Once I’ve deleted the Light version and reinstalled the Pro Ratio version but today I got an update and again it’s a Ratio Light one

Now there is a solution for this is that Is I’d have to download every new update that comes out from the BllockDesk but I don’t have a PC and many of you might be wondering how did I install Ratio in the first place then? Well it’s because I went to a friend’s house and used his PC to install it and I can’t go to his house every single time whenever an update comes out

My question is that is this a problem for everyone or am I the only one who’s facing it? If so please let me know how can I fix this I do not want to use the Light version but If I don’t install it the update available option keeps popping up in the bottom search bar and it’s distracting

You are not the only one facing this problem. Getting changed to Ratio Lite when updating seems to happen and has happened to other users as well.

But in your case there seems to be a severeness to the problem that’s a bit untypical. As far as I got it the right way, most users get changed to lite occasionally, but not on EVERY update.

Sadly, I’m not aware of any definite fix for the problem at this moment. I’d like to have @BobbyV8 confirm this though since your case really seems quite bothersome.

Hi @Hound-3 you can reinstall using BllocDesk. There’s no need to uninstall though.

This is happening when Ratio loses some system level permissions after installation. Devs are looking into this.