Ratio first launch feedback

Right after I installed it and jumped into the app, everything seemed glitchy, icons didn’t load yet and stuff. (the icons might’ve been the only thing going wrong, but I got the impression it was all glitchy and some other stuff went wrong because of it, it’s what I remember)
I suggest to add some kind of loading indicator, just like you see even on the stock oneplus launcher, sometimes after a restart it’ll tell you it’s loading before showing you the launcher. To prevent seeing an unloaded version of the launcher.

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Hai @Katatonya Welcome to the community :blush: Kindly post the screenshots for better understanding :v:t3:

@pradeepkanagaraj7 Thanks! Can’t screenshot, I’d need to clear the data and set it up again (since I said it happens because it’s loading things for the first time), to help paint better a picture, the icons of the apps you see on the home screen, they were non existent, only the cards were there, and at first not even all cards appeared.

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okay mate, Try reinstalling the App