Ratio - feedback from Brazil

First of all, thank you so much for inviting me.

I’d like to post my impressions from an entry-level smartphone standpoint.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy J6, a weak, entry-level phone, with an incredible 2GB of RAM. Performance is a problem, and Ratio’s performance is really great. 2 GB is a limitation and Ratio makes good use of the RAM. It is really cool to see weaker phones being accepted, proof that optimization is key.

Widgets are kinda limited for me, at the moment. Weather works great, Spotify and YouTube works like a charm as well, but I can’t get News, for instance, since there are no brazilian sources working with the widget. Would be cool to see new sources added, like Globo for instance.

Language isn’t a limitation for me. Being fluent in english makes easier to access world-wide media, but I imagine people from the entire world would be willing to try Ratio, and language accessibility would be important to draw new users to the launcher. I imagine this is being worked on, and if you ever need volunteers for english-portuguese translation, I’d be more than willing to.

Once again, thank you for the invite.

My regards from Brazil.


First of all thank you for the feedback . And secondly you mentioned not able to add news sources , it is possible by going to Ratio Settings→Root→News→Open the dropdown menu→Search for additional sources.

Hope this helps!

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