Ratio Feedback - 3 Days into using it on my Pixel 3

Dear Blloc-Team and Community,

first of all thank you for the inivitation to test Ratio! I really like the idea and design of this launcher and am more than happy to test it! In the following I will try to give constructive feedback an point out what I like and dislike (what needs to be improved imo). Even though I have a lot more “points to improve on” than “good points” I really enjoy using the launcher!

The good:

  • beautiful design language!
  • great concept and idea!
  • I love the way I get settings for each app

The bad:

  • YouTube in Root is not working for me (I saw that this is already a topic here in the forum) I might be a special case as I have YouTube Vanced installed on my phone
  • I’d love to be able to still use the google assistant (also already a topic in this forum)
  • The launcher seems to drain my battery faster than the launchair launcher I usually use (even though I have BllocDesk Sync disabled)
  • BllocDesk Sync is not working as it wants a WLAN-connection, even though my tower pc is connected to LAN (Ethernet) in the same Network as my phone, which is connected to WLAN
  • I think the launcher should not need access to my gps position to sync with BllocDesk
  • if possible I’d prefer it if the spotify connection did not display a permanent notification
  • some kind of instructions would be nice, as not every functionality is self-explanatory
  • the keyboard in the roots view should hide automatically after completing a command so I can easily view the information/result
  • When using a “bubble” in the root (for example the weather one) the cursor should automatically jump to the end of the typing field so I can continue typing the location right away! (currently the cursor is at the beginning for me)


  • I would love to be able to set an alarm from the root (similar to the timer which is already implemented)
  • Is there a global gesture to enable/disable grayscale mode for apps? I’m using the “pill” navigation on my Pixel 3 so the swipe up from the right corner at the bottom is not working for me)
  • It should be selectable which “quick access” functionality is displayed on expanded tiles
  • The “time in use”- information for the apps should reset to zero in a selectable timeframe -> give the user an option in the settings when the timer is reset so I can easily track my daily, weekly or monthly usage etc.
  • I’d love a calendar implementation into the root
  • I can’t wait for the tree, which could really elevate this launcher further! Maybe you could collaborate or draw inspiration from the BlackBerry Hub which I absolutely loved on my Blackberry phone back in the days :smiley:

I hope I chose the right topic for this post! Please take this as constructive feedback! I’m definitly not trying to naggle here :yum:

Greetings from germany,


A really well-laid out, constructive post! Good work!

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These issues are already reported and devs are working on it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will get this to the devs.

We have few user made videos which you can find in the FAQ Topic.

I haven’t personally faced this. Can you try to restart Ratio & device and if it repeats let me know how to reproduce?

Communicated to the devs already.

That’s the only way as of now.

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Also Add a button or option to make the whole system grayscale. I need to go to developers option everytime I want to do that.

This is just a launcher… the launcher can’t make the entire ui greyscale… digital wellbeing can do it

So after continued use in the last few weeks - I really enjoy using the launcher (though I have to admit, that I’m probably not using my phone less yet ^^)
It’s awesome to see how many issues have already been adressed or fixed by the developers! Keep it up!! :smiley:

Some more improvement ideas I have collected:

  • I (personally) don’t like the way the “Widgets” scroll in the root - I think continous scrolling (as it is common on smartphones) might offer a better experience
  • I think it would be awesome if one could integrate “Sesame Search” into the “Tiles Search”
    Sesame is great as it also allows to access a lot of actions straight from the search bar
    -> in my eyes it would be a perfect fit and improve the launcher for keyboard-warriors (like me)
  • on my previous setup I used the “Month Calendar Widget” a lot and I kinda miss it a little. It allowed me to add events to the calendar without opening the app. It is also great to view what’s up ahead!
    -> maybe you could work on a similar calendar implementation
    -> or create a space where the user can place Widgets :slight_smile:
  • It would be awesome If I could add “Webpage shortcuts” (you can create them with chrome for example) to the tiles-view as a searchable application
    -> I have a couple of webapps which I use very regularly - so this would come really handy
  • I would also enjoy the option to autoclose an appdrawer in the tiles-view when you tap (or maybe double tab) on another drawer
    -> this would make for a cleaner user experience in many cases

Overall I really like the Ratio-Experience already and I will keep on enjoying it! :smiley:

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I know it’s a launcher. But as I have given it accessibility access and it uses accessibility services. And there under visibility enhancement You have grayscale color adjustment. And I don’t think they can’t add a option in ratio settings to enable that from the launcher itself. As it is already doing a lot!!

For now I’m reverting back to stock launcher. Waiting for the next update for battery drain fix.