Ratio does not support android 10's gestures in Samsung Galaxy A20

Please support Android 10’s gestures in Galaxy A20

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Its not in hand of ratio. its android thing. No third party launcher apps use gestures of android.

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Hello! Welcome to the community.

Just like @freyjasasi mentioned earlier, there’s been a deal about Android (in its first few versions of a major version) not supporting the navigation gestures in third-party launchers like Ratio. In the case of Samsung, as far as I know, only devices with an updated version of Android 10 (running One UI 2.5) can do so.

If you’re familiar with ADB, though, you can use this to force Android to support the navigation gestures; the only caveat is that it resets every time your phone restarts:


Hope this helps!


Try using ‘One Hand Operation +’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @aravindps