Ratio Digital Wellbeing Concepts Vote and Feedback

Hello everyone! One of Ratio’s goals is facilitating a healthy relationship between Ratio users and their devices. From a range of feedback, research and suggestions, we’ve come up with a few potential concepts we would like to explore. We’ve attached a Trello table with some of these concepts and would like to hear which ones you are the most interested in.

Once you get the chance, please go to the Trello table, check out the concepts and vote on your 1-2 favourite ones and leave comments with suggestions or questions. The designs themselves are just vague concept art so please focus on the value of the features as opposed to the actual UI.

Thank you in advance!

Note: You will need a Trello account to vote or comment on the board. If you are unable to make one, feel free to leave any suggestions you may have as a comment on this post.

Hey em… can you guess remove the vote limit? I wanna vote on this post too :pleading_face:


You can remove a vote which you voted already in the past.
The limit is intended I think. If no limit for voting , there will be no difference between a like and vote.
“Just thoughts” :slightly_smiling_face:

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True, though there are dead topics that I very much want to support and I don’t want to withdraw my vote from them

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I 100% love this.


When are these features coming??? Looks fab​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: