Ratio Deal Breakers

Hello Ratio community, and Ratio devs,

So I’ve been using Ratio for about a day or two now, and it seems like a pretty cool concept and a pretty cool launcher. I love the idea of demotivating your phone’s addiction, and I see it as a pretty compelling productivity app.

However, there are some deal breakers that just makes the experience of using Ratio for me unbearable, and even quite unproductive. So let me share all of my deal-breakers with the Ratio team and the community, and hopefully, we’ll find a solution together. I’m really, really excited and hopeful for this launcher, and I believe that fixing those deal breakers will allow me and others to enjoy Ratio to it’s fullest.

The Deal Breakers

1 - Android Profiles: I cannot live without Work Mode. Now from what I’ve seen on the Trello, this feature is coming very soon, and I’ll be very happy once it’s implemented.

2 - Calendar Widgets: This feature, like Android Profiles, will be coming soon (I suppose, from reading the Trello). However, I’m worried it might not be as feature-rich as my current Google Calendar’s widget, and I’m hopeful it will be good.

3 - Todo Widgets: I cannot live without my todo task-list. I wish I would’ve had my Google Tasks’ widget on the Root of Ratio, as it would allow me to mark stuff I need to do off, and keep up on my schedule.

4 - Instability When Changing: When you are changing the look and feel of Ratio, it can be sometimes very unstable and buggy, unfortunately. As I’ve mentioned in Ratio -> Bug Reports, the software can be very buggy in regards to editing it. Sure, Ratio works 100% fine when you’re using it, however, when you need to edit it, it can become very annoying.

I’ll give a couple of examples to my final point:

  • “Edit apps and drawers” barely works. It does not save, and folder names cannot be beyond 14 characters once created. You can only make folder names’ beyond 14 characters on creation.
  • Very rarely, Ratio will crash when you try to edit something.
  • Sometimes, Ratio does not save at all your app movements (when not using edit apps, but rather moving them in the home screen), forcing you to start over again.
  • EDITED: BllocDesk connection works, but Ratio assumes you didn’t give it location permissions. Go to the app page, remove the location permission, and turn on Connection. It should prompt you to turn the permission on.

Keep in mind, all of these things do not mean Ratio is bad. Far from it. Ratio is a fantastic launcher and a very good concept. What I’m saying is, the features I talked about could be implemented, and the bugs, fixed, to make Ratio a very, very good launcher.

Sincerely and with love,


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