Ratio contains malware when scan by avast

Hi Blloc Dev team,

As I scan my device using avast basic version. I am getting ratio contains malware. Could you please explain why this happens??

@olivier @adham @Ismael @jbriones95 please look into this.

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It’s not detected in malware bytes. Only avast is showing this issue

This could possibly be a result of access we’re giving to it without root. I saw this happen on few such modules.

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So you are saying its not a seroius issue in name of security. Its just a permission things in android.

No! I said it could be due to that. Might possibly be a serious issue. Can’t say without looking at the code

Only dev can comment on this

Oh ok. No problem. I also don’t know exactly what is the issue.

I’ll try to look at the code breaking the apk… but I’m not sure

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Updated with more information screen shot

Just as I thought it would be.

APK:RepSandbox is a result of installing Ratio the way it shouldn’t have been (as per avast)
This is because, by using bloc desk we’re bypassing android installer with sandbox rep

Perfectly fine as per me. Avast raised a flag as it want’s to say “Hey! I’m doing what you want me to do”

It’s on us to know and allow things. This could be the possible issue for your license issue. Uninstall avast, perform a clean reinstall of Ratio and let me know


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I can’t uninstall avast. it is integrated with phone itself. as my phone has optimiser and it has avast by default (powered by avast)


AFAIK avast isn’t a system app on P4, is it?

AVAST considered most of my games .exe files as malware… That software is crazy man! Avoid it.

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He says he can’t uninstall it! I wonder why that’s so.

Have you considered removing system admin permission @freyjasasi

yes i can’t uninstall. Honor has app called optimiser that you can’t disable or remove , can do only force stop. It has section called security which is powered by Avast.