🎉 Ratio Beta program ending - Public Launch

As some of you might know, the Ratio Beta has successfully ended. As we have previously expressed on Instagram how extremely humbled we are by the amazing response, engagement and contribution from everyone in the community.

Here are some fun stats:

:man_astronaut: 167k total signups for this beta
:iphone: 14.649 Unique devices requested
:mantelpiece_clock: 26 Million minutes spent on Ratio
:rocket: 15 version iterations (and another 28 internal!)
:bug: 135 Buges fixed
:spiral_notepad: 11k Community posts

We wanted to thank you all again, our users, moderators, community leaders and everyone in our internal testing groups for the time and effort helping us find and fix bugs, and ultimately improving Ratio every day.

After a long back and forth with Google, we’ve finally reached a good compromise and will launch Ratio on the Play Store in the coming days. We are also launching a new re-designed website inspired by our experience with everyone here. We think it better represents what Blloc and Ratio have grown into.

In writing this post we wanted to clarify a few of things:

:iphone: Ratio Pro vs Ratio Light

Going forward there will be no more Ratio Light.
The version launching soon on the Play Store will be called Ratio, and will have all the features of and correspond to Ratio Pro as you knew it during Beta. Two features won’t be available immediately for new users downloading it on the Play Store - ColorTouch, and App Locking - as they require a permission we can’t request on the PlayStore. In order to get these two features we released RatioTool, a simple desktop application that connects with your phone to easily give Ratio the permissions required to activate these features.

From now on Ratio = Ratio Pro in Beta and the new Ratio Pro will have all the features of Ratio, plus our messaging module and aggregator the Tree.

:evergreen_tree: Tree

As some of you may know, our crown jewel is the Tree. We were extra secretive about this feature and didn’t share much of it with anyone due to various competitive and IP reasons, but we’ve been developing it silently since April on a secret Alpha parallel channel, and it is soon coming out as a stable product.

We will start Beta testing Ratio with the Tree (the new RatioPro) on October 15th, by inviting the active internal testers from our Telegram groups, and after this we will start sending out daily invites to the top 10 ranked users on the referral program. The referral program is simple, you will get a personalised link to share Ratio, the more people download and use Ratio from your link the higher you will jump up ahead of line to get early free access to the Tree (RatioPro).
The Tree Beta won’t be as big or long as the Ratio Beta, as it already went through a much more robust testing, we plan to cap it to 60 days before a public launch. So it’s more of a pre-launch warm up.

:dollar: Monetisation

Everything you saw and tried from Ratio so far will be free, forever. Every Ratio feature, including ColorTouch and anything else currently launched will be free.

Ratio Pro (Ratio with the Tree - the messaging module) will cost $1.25/month for an annual subscription, and $1.99 on a monthly. You all know we did an insane amount of A/B testing and questionnaires around this topic, after evaluating all options this is the best option we think values the software and adequately compensates the effort needed to keep this going.

Why not a one-time payment?

Ratio is not like any launcher. It is a lot closer to an OS, and will ALWAYS need constant updates, fixes, android versions bumps, etc. It simply would not be realistic (or sustainable) to calculate the continuous development costs based on a one-time payment.

Why not for free?

This is actually a valid point. We thought a lot about monetisation while keeping Ratio free, whilst staying loyal to our own values (no intrusive ads or selling users’ data). We have some ideas and are seriously testing them, however these only make sense down the line when we reach a specific volume of users. Once we reach that, we won’t hesitate on making Ratio Pro free.

Free Trial period? Codes for Beta users?

Anyone who downloads Ratio will always get 14 days to try Ratio Pro and the Tree for free.
However, we have not forgotten everyone here who made a contribution and helped us improve our app.
In first place, we will offer our most active Beta users (they know who they are) a 1-year free subscription to Ratio Pro. Next in line, for the ones who also made a significant contribution, we will give out 3-months free subscriptions for you and your friends. The Community leaders here will be responsible for evaluating the giveaways.

:computer: BllocDesk

We still believe in this project a lot. Especially after the Tree’s public launch. Synchronising all your messages so you can do everything on your laptop without needing to look at your phone will enable the all-round productive and distraction free experience we always envisioned.

However, as you may know, Bllocdesk was also quite buggy. This was partly due to the fact that it was developed by Ratio devs when they had some time on their hands (including yours truly), and was the least tested of all our pieces of software. We decided to pause development on it since some weeks so we can focus and dedicate all our resources to a stable and public release of Ratio. After launching the Tree publicly, we will hire dedicated devs to work on it and test it / launch a better version (we are looking into recruiting community members btw). More on this later.

:gear: BllocServices

After the Play Store launch, BllocServices won’t be needed anymore. We will keep it around a bit for the Tree Beta program, and then we will sunset it.


We are still debating on opening this forum publicly so it becomes the main support page / the main public place for discussing everything Ratio. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Despite all the things going through my mind right now, I want to keep it short: I’m extremely thankful for the Ratio experience and to the developers and am very excited to see the future of this product, that in fact is more of a philosophy than a product to me. :blush:


So when ratio will be released on play store, will we need to download that and delete this or we will be able to continue.

One more question
So the ratio keyboard and lockscreen and other stuffs will be Available for the free users (when they are released ) or only for the pro version


This is the best news of 2020!! Thank you Blloc team!!


Awesome! Thank you BLLOC TEAM!


Thank you blloc team for all hard work to make this product better.


Love to have Ratio, eagerly waiting for Tree also… really fantastic idea & continues improvement make it seamless, we Ratio users thank & appreciate efforts put in by Team blloc ratio…:+1:


Finally the hype is here


It has truly been an interesting and wild ride since I’ve joined back in June. It’s great to see how much Blloc has grown since then, and it’s definitely laudable! As a fairly small company, I can’t wait to see where it’ll head towards after Ratio’s GM release.

Thank you so much for providing us an opportunity to come together as one - no matter from which part of the world - to test Ratio out! It has been and may always be my pleasure to help out in beta-testing; I’ve learnt a lot from being here, so I can’t thank y’all enough too!

Let’s continue to watch the Ratio we know and love and the Z18 grow and develop even more from here! I also can’t wait to see other projects (looking at you, BllocDesk) to come alive again. Kudos! :tada:

Regarding the Community site

Regarding this, I think it’s a great idea to open up the Community site to the public. That way, when the time comes for the public release, there’s a platform where users can reach out to for support or queries. It’ll also help to ease the burden on Blloc’s end - if Ratio does accumulate a large number of users, many may decide to use the support interface at the Blloc website for help instead; that can flood Blloc with queries that can be easily handled here!

I think that we should make some changes here, but again these changes are dependent on how many users Ratio accumulates at the end of it all, post-public release. That’s another thing for the future!

TL;DR, I think it’s a great idea to open this up to the public.


Cant wait to test the tree… the roadmap sounds amazing


The install from the Play Store will be seamless you won’t have to do anything.


Thank you team for such a minimal and distraction free launcher. Hope to see more from you soon.


This post made my day. Thank you so much for giving us the experience to interact with you developers first hand. We will really miss testing betas with you people. That’s for sure! Thank you again Guys, lots of love!!


I’m excited about the future of this project… I’ve been using Ratio for so long and have loved everything it stands for. I believe it’ll be a great addition to the Play Store and first time users may have a lot of questions. So it makes sense to open the community to the public along with the app and prompt them within the app to join the community for providing feedback, suggesting features and FAQs


Thank you Ratio for a super minimal launcher …great work …


Great news to hear. My phone is completely dead. not able to connect with community and in that team a lot happens. Subscription cost very well OK for me.


Really appreciate all the effort! All points seems to be okay! Very well done!


This is amazing news ! :heart:

Where can I sign up for the Tree Testing via Telegram? @adham

And I agree, the Community Website should be public for all the newcomers, they will have questions and would be cool to help them.


The testing has concluded for now. It was for testing the black screen issue.