Ratio 5 - My feedback so far

Hello devs…

Thanks for releasing v5 of Ratio. Big step. But I must say there are some things that don’t work anymore. As some other users already mentioned but I want to also give feedback on v5.

Not using the onboarding it took me a while to find out how the dock works and how to place apps inside. Nice feature but I’m not quite sure if I like it or not. Gives me a more iPhone-ish look and I’m not sure if it stays on my screen. Also when sliding up on the screen the whole apps come up. That’s more the Android way and leaves the Blloc path… Hmmm… Not sure…

A missing Ratio settings tile isn’t that big deal since you can reach it by clicking the Blloc icon on lower right and step into the settings. But that would be more a “less is less” experience to me. Get the tile back so it’s more failsafe.

In the general settings the switches for “faster animations”, “enable greyscale” and “Ratio as the assistant app” don’t remember the settings and it’s off any time I get back there on my OP7T. That means the swipe from the corner doesn’t bring up color/greyscale toggle but instead the Google assistant…

Battery draining… Will keep an eye on this.

Personal opinion: I really appreciate what the devs have built during the last years but to me it feels a bit like running to fast. Many new options but also many already solved problems are coming back. I know there has been a complete reprogramming… Maybe a good way would be more beta testing to get rid of basic issues and making the whole app/system pretty stable before releasing it… Just saying… :wink:

Cheers and stay safe

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Ratio Update 5.0.1

@devs: thanks for the update but unfortunately these settings still don’t stay turned on. When closing the settings and get back into it they are switched off again…

Plus the swiping from the corner to switch between color and black& white is also still gone. Opens up Google assistant and I’m not able to switch i.e. Facebook to color… Getting a bit frustrating…

Best regards

Me too have the same issue after updating to v5. 0.1