Ratio 5 lauch date

um when can we expect the ratio 5 update release

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Very soon. May be in 2 days

um mid of june i thought its today…waited all day for that

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Ohh, Sorry for that.

They are planning to release . You may expect tomorrow.

How do I access ration Settings after this update? I dont want the app drawer. The whole purpose of hiding apps has been negated by the update. There is tile named Ratio. But instead of Ratio settings it takes me to the default homescreen

Long press searchbar icon and select tiles settings. Thus you can go.

All feature will be back soon (mentioned by developers).

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Thank you. In that case I would revert back to 4.3.2

The app drawer is a major irritant to me as we cannot hide apps there.

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Another suggestion. Once added to a specific drawer, the app should diasppear from the main appadrawer.

As i speak certain features areabask except hiding apps in app drawer and the ability to diable the app drawer added bu this update.