Ratio 5 killed my phone

The phone upgraded to Ratio 5 by itself. But now it says ``Ratio keep stopping". I don’t know how to get back to the old version, or for that matter do anything with the phone anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a way e.g. to do a clean reinstall?
Thank you in advance

same problem 8.1

I’m not sure if it’s allowed to mention here but you can search for the Ratio 4.3.2 APK on Google and install it manually on your device. You can follow instructions on Youtube on how to install apps via APK’s.

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Thank you. Ifor mentionning Google. I realized in fact I could uninstall the latest update using the Google Store (after quitting the Ratio mode) and reinstall the older version. It works fine. But whenever I try to reinstall the latest update my phone crashes `The Ratio app has stopped’. I guess my phone must be too old or something. Would have been nice to be told before. Now all I have to do is disable the updater, or by a new model…

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Hi thanks for contacting…
Can you please tell your device model and its os version!

Mine stopped too, I just opened my settings then cleared all data from ratio then opened it again.