Ratio 5 Feedback

Hi there,

After updating to Ratio 5 I noticed that some of the features which made me switch to Ratio as my primary launcher are now gone.

-Double tap to lock (removed)
-Hiding apps (removed)
-Changing app icons doesn’t work for me (bug)
-App drawer shows all of your apps (there is no hide option as mentioned above)

If these features matter a lot to you then do not update to the latest Ratio version just yet until it gets sorted out by the developers.

Hi thanks for reaching here…

Ratio 5’s Tile is now using different architecture. It’s really hard to bring back all the previous features in this build within the timeline… The above missing features like Hiding apps, Lock Drawer will come in 5.0.1, with the new way everything is set up Drawer lock is quite complicated (since you might have a Tile inside the locked drawer but also in the Dock and another Drawer at the same time). Dev’s want to make sure provide a solid solution for all those cases.


Is the launch of Ratio 5 delayed or pulled back? I haven’t gotten any updates on the playstore, neither can I find an update on Apk mirror

Got it, thanks for responding! Will definitely wait for the next update.


The update is gradually rolling out on playstore… Once it’s rolling on :100: we’ll create a thread here…
Thanks for the patience :blush:


Hiding and renaming apps should be worked on in the next release. They can even be rolled out as a minor update. Cannot rename apps in app drawer and custom icons dont seem to work as said by the OP.
Further, once we add an app to a user created drawer,. It should get hidden from the main app drawer else there will be duplication of apps and the app drawer would needlessly have a lot of apps we wont access from there.


I definitely agree👍

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Hi my Launcher isn’t getting updated. It still shows the older 4 version. please help!

That version is better than Ratio 5 in my opinion. Wait for 5.0.1.

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