Ratio 5 Feedback - Rounded or angular corners?

the feedback may possibly seem a bit trivial, but I would like to share it anyway :slight_smile:

I use a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, the display has angular corners.
I noticed that Ratio rounds the corners, which looks quite good at first. Unfortunately, the corners are rounded on the Tiles and Root side, but not on the Conversations side.

Is as said nothing too important
kind regards

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But things are fine after you’ve passed through the onboarding, right?

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Unforunately not,

after the onboarding I get this:

(The upper two corners are blue)
quite strange, actually… :grin:

Oh… That’s real weird…
Put that (the blue corners) on #help:bug-reports

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Alright :+1:

Thank you!