Ratio 5 - Feedback and wishlist


  1. The double tap to reply feature for telegram didn’t work on Ratio 4 and it still doesn’t seem to work 90% of the times.

  2. Pull down to bring the control centre option doesn’t work, disables itself for some reason.

  3. Upon restoring my old backup (From Ratio 4), the dock goes away.

  4. When I reply to people directly on whatsapp, the chat doesn’t sync up in the Tree, I guess it’s due to the fact that Ratio creates the conversation through the notifications only, but only chatting through Tree is not always the best option specially when you need to send some kinda file.


  1. Please enable drop-shadows on UI elements, upon scrolling the app list (home screen) it looks like a mess with the dock. Drop shadow should keep things separated and give a layer type feel.

  2. Please enable the user to swipe up only from the dock to reveal the drawer.

  3. It would be better if the app drawer had a side navigator to be able to go to each letter quickly

  4. Please add an option to disable the drawer.

  5. Please add system Accent colors for highlighting elements. Or maybe allow choosing between 3-4 pastel colors.

I’m not demanding these changes, I’m just suggesting what would make the experience a bit better than what it is now. Overall, I love ratio, I uninstalled it after ratio 5 update, but I still keep coming back because of some of the advantages that this launcher has over other generic launchers out there.

Feedback 3: That is because there is no dock on Ratio 4. You can add apps to dock by long-pressing a tile though.
But the rest seems to be great ideas! I think 3 main colours would be an optimal balamce between too much customisation and too little~

The dock icons could be a bit bigger or with a background or in black cause white on light Grey is a bit hard to see…

Photos and videos on Conversations by WhatsApp are not showing… It works good by signal…