Ratio 5.0.1 Requests

Here are a few things I look forward to and other things I wish would be implemented in the next public release: (not in any particular order)


  • Double tap to lock device
  • Ability to change app color highlight (dock)


  • Option to hide/disable the Root page for people who don’t use widgets


  • Ability to use the stock SMS app of any device so that all user messages are literally on one page
  • Option to use the non-Lite version of Messenger


  • Hide unused apps
  • Remove an app from the app drawer once it’s already been added to a folder on the homescreen (to avoid duplicates)
  • Option to hide/disable the app drawer altogether (the app drawer feels like a 4th page so disabling it lessens the clutter)

Completely agree with this post.

Would love to see the option to add progessive web apps to homescreen. It is quite useful for people who don’t wanna install apps like instagram twitter etc on their phone’s and just wanna use the webapp version of it for extra securityhttps://youtu.be/tkY9dhOF2WU?t=240 . Once webapps are added to home screen they basically feel like native apps but when you use them on the browser the annoying browser top and bottom bars keep coming up.


Request from a person

Posting here on taking their side

I totally agree with this … once an app is in folder, it shouldn’t be in app drawer …

Please bring back a functioning Color Mode and the Blloc Z18 keyboard :slight_smile: