Ratio 4 my thoughts

First of all congrats on releasing ratio 4. Seems like a milestone release. Giving away the tree functionality for free was an amazing move but using it for 3 days now I can see why you probably couldn’t monetize the product at its current state.

I really like the whole idea of the app and I hope in the near future it WILL change the way we use our smartphones. Because for now I don’t think it does, at least for the most part.

Some comments here and there, some may be considered bugs other missing functionality

  1. It’d be really important to be able to view and send images, media in general from within the tree. (images, videos, voice mails) as if every time you receive or wanna send one of those you have to jump to the app then it defeats the purpose of the tree.

  2. The same goes with “read” status when someone reads your message. You have to open the respective app.

  3. I think the batter consumption issues I had with Ratio 3 are gone (Galaxy S8) so probs on that. Ratio still consumes a lot of energy but I guess It’s because I’m using the tree. I had to run a battery cycle without the tree to check the battery consumption and It’s still higher than nova or other popular launchers, at least on my device.

  4. Ratio 4 did change the way I use my phone because I had to duplicate my facebook messenger app. Not a fan of Lite Messenger because of many things and I had to keep the normal messenger app because I use group calling functionality. I read SMS support is in Alpha , so thumbs up on that :slight_smile:

  5. Actions in tree such as-call, video etc should be on par in every app. Works on whatsapp but facebook lite doesn’t have any. Great stuff though.

  6. Coming from Samsung UI I think it’d be super nice to be able drag screen down to reach top messages or tiles

  7. It’s probably impossible to integrate but It’s really annoying when you use your computer to answer whatsapp ,Telegram or Facebook messages and then the conversation on tree doesn’t make any sense.
    Same thing goes if you send a message from within an app it doesn’t appear on tree.

  8. If you try to initiate a yesterday’s whatsapp conversation the first message must be send from within the app. That’s not a bug just a workaround you have done which isn’t very convenient.

I’ll keep testing it as my main launcher for about a week and keep revisiting because I think something great is in the works here. Keep up the good work . I hope there will be an update in which I wouldn’t have to jump from the tree to the respective apps . That would change the way we use our smartphones.


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