Ratio 4 instead Ratio 5

I use ratio since is beta closed and really happy of the philosophy of the app on first days .
But now I have downgrade to Ratio 4.

  • Ratio 5 have added many features we can’t disable. Minimalism is over.
  • Tree is bad, many bugs and missing features
  • Expansive subscription for unfinished launcher and free mode become not available.

Ratio 4 is unfinished but is really better than version 5 because spirit of minimalism is here .

If Ratio continue to lose minimalism Philosophy at the end you loose the users

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Yup, totally agree👍. My opinion is that Ratio 4 is the benchmark of Ratio development. Ratio 4 features and performances is better than previous or later version… Ratio 4 should be maintained and updated to be perfect minimalist launcher.


Agree with you Ratio 4 is better on minimalism experience .
But it can be improved.


Yup, same here. I have been using it since 2020 summer and I’m definitely sticking with 4.3.2 for now.

If they would offer us options to disable additional features introduced in Ratio 5 and offer much cheaper lifetime membership then I could consider upgrading.


What exactly you don’t like about Ratio 5?

Besides these general points:

I agree with the Tree, right now it could be a lot better. What features bothers you on Ratio 5 the most, that clashes with the “Minimalist” concept of Blloc Ratio.

PS: I love Ratio in all forms (been here since versions 2.7.2 up until now)

As far as I know, you are able to opt out of all of the features introduced in Ratio 5. The app drawer can’t be disabled directly, but the devs have made it a lot less intrusive, and it’s impossible to open it by accident now.


Can you please let me know how you have downgraded to Ratio 4 .

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You may find it on apkmirror .


Ratio 4 should be maintained or rebranded and used to extend ratio 5 and besides there is nothing to loose majority of guys that disagree with ratio 5 are downloading ratio 4 and enjoying it.


@contact.zengeek can you please tell me how to downgrade? Thank you!

This isn’t possible as of now, as Blloc is a small company without enough resources to maintain two similar launchers at once. Also, it would be illegal for anyone to hijack the source code of Ratio 4 and fork it into their own project.

Besides that, I still really do not understand why you guys can’t use Ratio 5. It still has the exact same features as Ratio 4, with the added ones being optional. You don’t need to use the Dock or App Drawer at all if you do not want to, and it’s hard to accidentally open the app drawer. Tree/Conversations is present in Ratio 4 too, and as always, you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.

If your problem is that Ratio isn’t forcing an extremely minimalist and bare-bones experience (which isn’t inherently bad, but can be inconvenient sometimes) on all of its users anymore, reverting to Ratio 4 still wouldn’t solve anything. Ratio 5 is receiving updates continuously, and is therefore a lot more secure/stable.


Am not suggesting that blloc should restructure their organisation to focus on 2 launchers, am suggesting that they should just rename ratio 4 and produce it as a free version in order to market/promote Ratio 5 the premium version.This is a strategy to protect Ratio’s current and FUTURE market share from other free competitors just like Microsoft (Why Microsoft allows piracy?)check this article to better understand my point.

My main issue with ratio 5 is the constant annoying ratio membership status paywall that appears whenever am offline, I understand the dev team is working on a solution but for know, I have no other option but to turn to ratio 4.

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That was an interesting read, thank you! However, I’m not sure in which degree this can be applied to Blloc, as Microsoft has way more sources to income than them. To quote Sergey, the product manager at Blloc:

But it’s tough deciding what’s free and what’s paid. What if the free tier is so good that people don’t want the premium one. On the other hand, if the free tier is too handicapped then we’d get the same backlash as having it all be paid. That’s why for now we went with a full premium option.

If the launcher grows and gets more useful features, maybe we’ll get a free tier? That probably is long into the future, though, as again, Blloc is a small company. Currently, the paid-only model is probably the best way to ensure their future.


I like that quote, please share more wise quotes from the team but remember anyone can google and download ratio 4 from the internet for free compared to paying for ratio 5.

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You have to uninstall Ratio and sideload whichever Ratio version you like from unknown sources i.e apkmirror.com, or apkpure.com.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should stay and keep using Ratio 5 to support Ratio and Blloc team🎭