Ratio 4 instead Ratio 5

I use ratio since is beta closed and really happy of the philosophy of the app on first days .
But now I have downgrade to Ratio 4.

  • Ratio 5 have added many features we can’t disable. Minimalism is over.
  • Tree is bad, many bugs and missing features
  • Expansive subscription for unfinished launcher and free mode become not available.

Ratio 4 is unfinished but is really better than version 5 because spirit of minimalism is here .

If Ratio continue to lose minimalism Philosophy at the end you loose the users

Yup, totally agree👍. My opinion is that Ratio 4 is the benchmark of Ratio development. Ratio 4 features and performances is better than previous or later version… Ratio 4 should be maintained and updated to be perfect minimalist launcher.


Agree with you Ratio 4 is better on minimalism experience .
But it can be improved.


Yup, same here. I have been using it since 2020 summer and I’m definitely sticking with 4.3.2 for now.

If they would offer us options to disable additional features introduced in Ratio 5 and offer much cheaper lifetime membership then I could consider upgrading.

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What exactly you don’t like about Ratio 5?

Besides these general points:

I agree with the Tree, right now it could be a lot better. What features bothers you on Ratio 5 the most, that clashes with the “Minimalist” concept of Blloc Ratio.

PS: I love Ratio in all forms (been here since versions 2.7.2 up until now)

As far as I know, you are able to opt out of all of the features introduced in Ratio 5. The app drawer can’t be disabled directly, but the devs have made it a lot less intrusive, and it’s impossible to open it by accident now.