Ratio 4 feedback: a step back

Hi all,
first, thanks for the great concept - I love it and use it daily. For two reasons:

  • Really good design
  • Minimalist approach to usability

I had only one thing I wanted to improve before ratio 4: the minute counters on the main screen. I don’t like being disciplined by software, and I’m not obsessed with self-improvement, so for me those numbers are just unnecessary visual distraction, which I wished to turn off. They serve a separate function and should be for people who like self-monitoring.

But after Ratio 4 I got two more things to complain about.

  1. Wallpapers. I just love plain black background with white text. So elegant. Why was I forced to use images now? Of course, I created a black jpg and used it anyway. But this was a bad experience and indicates Ratio’s shift away from minimalism.
  2. Advertisement screen for Tree, which you cannot turn off. Wtf? I’m not interested in changing my messaging apps. I opted-in for a well designed minimal launcher, and this is what I want to have. Now I’ve got an entire screen with an ad for some messanger, which also ironically says "no spam. no marketing’’. But it itself is a brutal marketing, always present on my device, taking up entire screen. It s unacceptable.

I wish Blloc returned me the possibility to have a beautiful minimal launcher, with a black background and possibilities to switch off all the bells’n’whistles I do not intend to use.

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