RAM management?

How do I close the apps that are running in the background in my RAM? The only thing I can do when I’m done using an app is go to Home and not cear the app from my RAM. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to RAM management, could you help me with this?


P.S - That only happens when I have Ratio as my default launcher, in case you were wondering

Ratio has nothing to do with ram management.
I’m not sure what you are trying to say.

Exactly, Ratio has nothing to do with ram management. When I close an app, I go directly to Home. The app keeps running in the background and using ram. Is there a way I can clear apps from my RAM when I keep Ratio as my default launcher?
I’m talking about this :

You mean the multitasking window? Where you need a clear all button?

Yes. That’s what I’m talking about. Is there going to be a multitasking window on ratio in future updates?
Switching between apps quickly and not having to go to the home page and opening the app from there is a pretty useful thing when you’re working.

Ratio doesn’t have any multitasking window.

Multitasking window is based on the phone. Ratio has no control over it.

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