Quote/ Reply on tree

Please add the ability to quote/ directly reply to messages in the tree like in whatsapp and telegram. also when a message is deleted in whatsapp it appears as another message rather than a replacement for the message that was deleted

Hi there,
Currently tree supports reply a msg in telegram only… Due to some restrictions from WhatsApp Ratio Can’t able to access the reply function from WhatsApp but you can expect it on near future.

Ok thanks hopefully it comes soon

Although the question is actually answered, I want to address the part of deleting messages. Since the message is apparently only deleted within ratio but not in telegram. Haven’t tested this with any other of the messaging apps.

By the way: What exacrly is tree? Or was it renamed to Conversation?

It has been renamed to Conversations in V5. I insist on calling it Tree though since it’s so much shorter :joy:
Cool idea actually, since Ratio is a TG client, it should be able to, in theory, delete messages in chats on the server as well. But for the rest, Ratio uses a notification listener for that and so cannot delete the message on the actual apps.

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Which is the reason I wouldn’t like that. Would be quite confusing if in telegram the messages would be deleted from the app itself but in every other messenger it would only delete it from conversations/tree. :joy:

@Nostalgia Although I get your point, this would harm the potential experience for people only using telegram. To get around this issue I would simply inform the user (like the telegram client already does) that the message is only deleted in the tree or the other way aroubd that it will also delete the message on the server. Providing the option that will be given within the telegram client to also delete the message for the other user(s) in the conversation would be great.

Out of curiosity: Why do you actually want to delete a message only within the tree when it will still be visible in the actual messaging app?

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Ah… That make sense too…
Though it’s exactly because of that, I never even use the delete feature :joy:

I honestly got no idea, I’ve never deleted a message just from the tree. I don’t know who uses that functionality even to be honest. :joy:

Your proposal to inform users where a message is deleted could be a solution.