Query regarding the next updated timing

When will the next update of blloc ratio release? I’m really excited about the message tree and customisable lock screen feature. If anyone has any knowledge about the next update schedule please let me know.

As far as I know, there isn’t a consistent/released update timing; the closest we have to it, though, is the Public Roadmap:


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Which is the latest version? I’m running v3.2.1:22

I believe that’s the latest version so far! If you’d like to check, find and open the Blloc Services app; if there are updates, it’ll let you know.

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One more question, in the public roadmap there’s a phone wishlist card where I can vote for the phone of my choice. But my phone isn’t listed there. Is there any place where I can request official support for my phone model?

There is no ETA. Please don’t ask about it.
When a major update is getting finalized, they might tell the approximate date of launch.