Productivity sets

For a longer time, I’m looking for the launcher with sets (activities, modes, I’m not sure about the best name). The core feature is filtering of the applications and notifications. I will try to show it as an example.
Let’s have five different sets:
Brick - only call, SMS, light, camera, clock, and calculator apps and notification.
Base - same as brick + productivity apps (calendar, translator, mail), Spotify, phots, etc.
Work - same as base + work application (slack)
Travell - Base + maps and connection finder
Full - all applications on the mobile phone.

Of course, each user can define the sets in a different way. Ideally, Tree will filter the notification by the enabled apps in the set. Also the cards in the Root can be deffined independently for each set. The primary motivation for me is to reduce the number of Facebook (and chat app) opens, less distribution, and more focus on the work. I am looking at sets as the extension and combination of DnD and restricted mode.

There are some more nice features, but the baseline is clear, I hope. Like, add maximal time in some set per day, or coun of opens. Add filtering of the messages for set by contact, etc. Add schedule for sets. Restricted sets by password or bio.


This is a really cool concept and we definitely want to move towards offering that type of functionality in the coming months. Thank you for the suggestion!


Exactly what I am looking for!