Problem with invitation code

I got my invite mail 4 days ago and today I started installing ratio but I don’t have an invitation code, not in the mail or here in the inbox, what can I do

Hi there,

I got my Blloc ratio yesterday, after two and a half months of wait :smile:, and I love it!

Well I too didn’t get the code within the email. This is what I did…

Go to, use the same email address which you got the invitation and you’ll get an “Blloc Ratio Account Login” email. Use the link provided within that email, will take you to members page and there you’ll get the code. Also also option to reset code etc.

Hope this helps

You don’t need a code to install Ratio now. In the invitation email you will have received a link to download Blloc services . Install Blloc services and then open the app and through it install Ratio. Some advanced permissions are required for some features.To enable those permissions go to Ratio Settings→General→Permissions Manager . It will guide you to download a Desk Tool (not Blloc Desk) . Through the desk tool you can give those permissions .