Problem while installing blloc ratio pro

I am having these error while installing the block ratio pro in my phone

@akki.sharma.2332 What device do you have? If its not a supported device, please install Ratio Light via the link in the email. Thank you!

I am having Samsung galaxy a10 . I tried installing the ratio lite but it keeps downloading again and again

@akki.sharma.2332 Thanks for the info. This is an issue that happens with people from time to time. Make sure to clear out the cache via settings on the Blloc services app, that usually makes it work. Ping me once you have done that to continue with support. Also, please join our discord in order to assist you faster :slight_smile:

i tried tapping on the settings icon in the blloc services app. it asks me for the code, whenever i enter the code it downloads the blloc lite and gets in the downloading loop again

No. Go to device settings>apps>blloc services>clear cache

Then download :slight_smile:

done. cleared cache