Preference to select Search Engine

In addition to qwant why can’t we have google search engine and give users the feasibility to select their default?


That’d be really great. Mods please look into this suggestion.


I would second this. In India, the news choices available are almost irrelevant. Due to this, the Root section is being unused mostly.


Yes, except for timer and weather I’m not using root. Lot of efforts were put into that but it’s kinda useless to me. I would really love to have google instead which helps me make use of root section the most.

Please add option to add any search engine I like to use duck duck go. For privacy and I am very familiar with it. It would be hard to each and every search engine it would be better if you give the option to type the url of the search engine.

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Adding a Google search instead Qwant search would be more helpful

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Qwant is a secure search engine. Google may be far fetched for this project, but something like Duck Duck Go is more feasible or any other secure search engine.

I know it may be your preferred search engine, but you have to remember the philosophy behind the app.

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Give us the option to select any search engine we want…

Personally, I want Duckduckgo.

Or let’s give an option to disable root section. For people like me who is willing to have other search engines for news and other stuff it’s useless