Portable version of BllocDesk and Ratio Tool?

Hi Blloc team,

I just started using Ratio on my Nokia 8, so far so good thanks :clap:

One issue I have is that I very rarely get chance to use my home computer, but I use my work computer every day. Since my work computer is locked down I can’t install things which need admin access, so I wondered if you could make a portable version of BllocDesk and the Ratio desktop tool which can used without the need to install with admin access? I use things like VSCode, Arduino, Firefox etc as portable versions and some of those need USB access so I don’t think you should have any problems creating a portable version of BllocDesk or the desktop tool.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ratio is going to be released soon on the Play store and you can download it from there . Blloc Desk is required to get some permissions for colour mode , etc which can only be enabled by using a PC (via USB Debugging) .

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Macos dmg version can’t detect the USB debugging

Hi all,

@bhagyesh2491 I think you missed my point, your replies - whilst true - weren’t addressing my suggestion. I see you edited your reply anyway (at least, the email notification I got is different from what I see above) so thanks for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:

I did actually try installing these apps on my work computer and they installed fine, they didn’t ask for admin permission at all, so that’s good. However, it would still be good to have portable versions, or is there a reason they need to actually install on Windows?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: