Pocophone F1 / Poco F2 Pro

hello, before I registered 2 emails, 1 email for the Poco F2 Pro and 1 email for the Pocophone F1. Now I get an invitation code for Pocophone F1, but can I also install it on Poco F2 Pro with the same code? or I have to wait for the Poco F2 Pro invitation code?

Sorry for bad english :sweat_smile:

Hello @Radrian!

Since you’ve signed up for invitation twice, you’ll get the two invitation codes in the end. It’s perfectly fine for you to use a code on another device (for example, you installing it on your F2 Pro although you’ve signed up for the F1).

The main issue, though, is that each code can only be used once; if you use this code on your F2 Pro, you can’t use the same code for your F1. Instead, you’ll probably need to wait for your second code to arrive.

Hope this helps, and welcome aboard!