Plss help me..hopeso

How i can get apk ratio on my op7tpro.,plss help me.

Have you got the invitation mail?

You need to apply for the invitation at . Ratio cannot be installed just by an apk.

Hey i received blloc invitation so earlier we needed to use pc for installation but today directly the apk was downloaded and installed i wanted to ask that am I missing something ??

Hello @Uriv, welcome aboard!

Ratio has two versions that are available for install: Pro and Lite. Pro is has more features than Lite (e.g., the monochrome mode) where as Lite is limited, but only by a little.

The version you’ve installed - the one that required no computer - is the Lite version. In order to install Pro, you’ll need access to a computer for installation.

Regardless, though, it’s great to know you’ve got Ratio running fine on your device! Do note that if you’d like to switch from Lite to Pro, you’ll need to reset your code. Hope this helps!

Ok would install it from pc as i want to test pro version but will i need new code for it as i have already entered the old one and if i will need new code how can i generate it?

You’ll need to head over to the Members site (which was linked earlier) and enter the e-mail address you used to get your invitation. From there, you’re given the option to generate a new code. Do note, though, that generating a new code will cause your current one to be invalid!

i generated a new code but how can i start the new installation process to install the pro version from pc

i have received no links for the bllocdesk app the one download link which i received downloads blloc service apk

Ah, right! Apologies for that. Here’s how you can install Pro:

  1. Head over to the BllocDesk website and install BllocDesk onto a computer.
  2. Follow the instructions in BllocDesk to proceed with the installation of Ratio Pro.

To install Ratio Pro, you’ll need to enable USB debugging through developer options; BllocDesk will guide you through it. If you need help, try searching up online as well. Hope this helps!

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is blloc going to be a paid service as i have one year of subscription what after that?

Yes it is mostly going to be a paid service . Whether it is going to be a One time payment or an annual subscription hasn’t been decided yet .But the developers haven’t ruled out the possibility of keeping ratio free with an alternative monetisation strategy .

i guess they will only charge for blloc desk service

hey do you face any issue related to pairing device to blloc desk as I am unable to pair my phone

No my device gets connect to Blloc Desk

The icon is visible . It is not easily visible due to the background colour on your phone settings. Try it out will 100% brightness.

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