Please support Honor Play

Hi Blloc Team,

Please do support Honor play device. I am very excited about this launcher.

Issues in Honor Play

  1. Sun mode not working
  2. Focus mode not working
  3. other Layout issues

Please please support Honor play. @olivier @Sylvia

@freyjasasi More devices are coming. Be patient for now! Thanks for the suggestion. The team will make it work for other devices in the future. Let us remember is a beta :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s in beta. I know. But android apps does not need to develop separately for each device hardware. Please support Honor Play. I am super excited about this ratio. Hope blloc team will support Honor play soon.

@freyjasasi Yes. And we also have to remember they are porting a full OS into one app. So its better when its stable and reporting is easier to patch everything for wide release. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

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They are not porting any new OS into apk. Blloc mode is like a skin or say alternative launcher in their zero 18 device. Zero18 uses android platform with or without Google services. Like huawei phones situations. Without Google support but uses open source android.please correct me if I am wrong