Please provide support for redmi 8A dual devices

Please provide a support for redmi 8A dual devices. The new update comes with the great fix for accessibility services to some extend but notification access service is making same problem as previous. All the time it automatically disabled and that’s the issue the tree is not working in redmi devices. Please do something and fix this. I know u dev’s are quite good at it. Waiting for that

U mast disabled battery optimization in ratio app, don’t kill this app miui memory clean app keep alive

After disabling the miui optimization from developer option, it still happening

Solution for users

App pinning / App locking

When you open the recent apps tray, drag your app downwards (it will be locked). So, even if you clear recent apps, it will not clear them from the background. Drag downwards again to clear your app from the background.
On some phones, you need to long-press Your app and then choose the padlock icon from the menu:

Please enable:

  • Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan is set to Performance
  • Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – your app needs to be Protected
  • Device Settings > Apps > your app > Battery > Power-intensive prompt and Keep running after screen off
  • Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage apps’ battery usage and here:
    1. Switch Power Saving Modes to Off
    2. Choose the next options: Saving Power in The Background > Choose apps > select your app > Background Settings > No restrictions

App battery saver

Security > Battery > App Battery Saver > your app > No restriction


(according to Xiaomi:

Open Security app > Permissions > Auto-start

Enable “Autostart” for desired apps.

R u sure? What device u r using?

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Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

The notification access is disabled every time when it automatically restarts, but when I go into the settings to enable it again it shows it has already been enabled. Please see the screenshot.

That’s weird.
Restarting ratio may fix most of the problems.

Try this

Force stop and Clear cache of ratio

Now open ratio.

If problem persists, revoke all permissions .

It will work.

If not ,post the bug along with details of mobile and android version.
Good day.

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As you suggested, I tried all the steps but couldn’t help. It is very sad for me :unamused:. I couldn’t able to use my favourite launche. Tree is not working , notification access in tree disabled every time automatically. Very very sad.

Have you disabled battery optimization for ratio?
Make sure that ratio run in background.
As I see you that u mentioned that u disabled. But system is force closing your app.

I may suggest allow app permissions in permission manager which is in mi security app.

Can please attached a screen shot about what you are suggesting. I can not find any permission manager in MI security app.

I have samsung device

Check this if you have done this before

Goto ratio’s app info (settings > apps > ratio)
Scroll down to battery saver
Select no restriction.

Yep… Thanks… Now I am sorted out the issue… Ratio now working well in redmi 8A dual… Hurray… Tree is working just fine… This is little bit laggy some times but hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks all of you…

Model : Xiaomi Redmi 8A Dual
OS : Android 10

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