Please post a bug list

I am a new user of Ratio and while my phone (Motorola Edge) is working fine with the launcher, I am experiencing a number of bugs. Individual searches through your forum have located most of them, though some are over a year old and scattered through the notes. It would be most helpful if all verified bugs were grouped in a single list to be able to review before reporting. If not, then a means to review all submitted bug reports would be almost as helpful. Thanks.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the community forum first. Great to have you here! :blush:
Now, regarding your suggestions: There’s several “problems” with posting a bug list which then gets updated regularly. First of all, since ratio is a launcher that’s working for all smartphones with android 8.1 and above, a lot of bugs and problems occur only on specific models. Sometimes a bug or problem is not even consistently reproduced on the same model by different persons. So it’d be quite complicated for the forum moderators or staff to review and verify everything that’s posted inside the bug subforum and organize it according to how often and on which smartphone models it happens in a single list.

At the moment the ratio team seems to be quite okay with going through all the individual, sometimes seemingly redundant posts in the bug subforum one by one and filter out what’s important to them. The “system” as is also has the advantage that the team gets information about how often a bug happens on which smartphones and, of course, how much the bug compromises the launchers functionality. In that manner it provides information on how urgent a bug is to fix. So don’t hesitate to post a bug that others have already reported.

I hope this addressed your concerns in some way or another, please let me know if there’s anything else, I’ll see what I can do. :blush:


Thanks for the rapid response. Much appreciated. I’m fine with writing up bugs and will do so. I will also no pester you by searching for open issues first, but may repeat if I think the item is critical (from my perspective). Thanks – David