Pixel xl2 color correction keeps turning on

Hi, I just started using Ratio Pro, and I noticed that whenever I launch it it turns on the color correction in settings. It’s not a major issue but I’m used to having it off, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix it.

I don’t have Ratio set as the default launcher yet, don’t know if that matters.

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The colour correction feature is used by Ratio to interchangeably swap between coloured and monochrome mode for apps - for now, this can’t be disabled entirely since it’s a feature of Ratio in itself.

In Ratio, though, the best you can do to manage this is to set the colour settings on an app-by-app basis.

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Hello @areoen,

is there a way to set black and white as the default for the system, with Ratio Pro? eg then use the wallpapering icon to tun on colour for individual apps like the camera?

At the moment, it works in the opposite way. The phone is too saturated and I have turned off all the colour in ratio settings. However, there is a flash of colour when launching an app, switching between apps or using the system menus like from the top of the screen.

On my Pixel 2XL, I find the colours are way too saturated with Ratio Pro and to the point that I find it uncomfortable to use my phone (I guess that is ultimately the point of me using Ratio but still!)

I believe that Ratio - as much as possible - tries to constrain the color changing (i.e., to and from colour mode and monochrome) only within apps; I believe there isn’t a way for Ratio to apply device-wide monochrome. This behaviour of colour over-saturation has also been one that many others have raised; despite that, there isn’t any fix for that at the moment, unfortunately.

Outside the context of Ratio, though, I believe you’re able to forcefully set your entire device to be monochromatic. Your device may have an option to enable color adjustments; one of these features include greyscale. That helps in enabling device-wide monochrome, but unfortunately this overrides Ratio’s ability to bring back colour to some apps.

Hello, thanks for explaining.

I am using my phone in monochrome, with Ratio. I really like that I can manually turn on colour for the camera or other apps that need it. It is just an annoyance that there is still colour for some things. I am sure it will get better developed, I will get used to it or not get used to it and stop using ratio. We’ll see.

Thank you again

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The color correction is on but whenever I try to switch to monochrome it warns me to activate color correction even though it is on.