Pixel 5a - can't toggle "Color" for app

I’ve installed Ratio on my Android 12 Pixel 5a. Just about everything works.

I’d like to make certain apps grayscale, but I can’t seem to toggle the “Color” button in the app info page. I can toggle Lock and Mute, but not Color. I get zero indication that anything happens. I don’t even get an error message. It just stays on.

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Hi there,
Greyscale mode is in development and
Will be available in future updates.
For now, it doesn’t work.
Untill You can use “mono chrome” option which is in developer options in your phone settings to change apps to grey scale (all apps).

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Aw, ok. I was specifically interested in Ratio because of the per app grayscale. Glad to here it’s in development at least.