Pixel 4 - bugs?

Managed to install Ratio to Pixel 4 from Mac with no major issues.

Once system was up and running I noticed a few little issues (build version etc at the bottom)

Under root settings, if “news” is switched off before you collapse it, the option to collapse it disappears.

Squeeze to access Google assistant doesn’t work with ratio as launcher

Gesture navigation for app switching and moving back to home screen doesn’t work. Back (swipe from either side of screen) does, which leads me on to

Gesture navigation makes dismissing tiles from the root screen very awkward.

Brightness seems to default to 100% even with adaptive brightness on. Manual adjustment works until app is reopened.

App has been great to use otherwise, great job so far. Thank you.

versionName: 3.1.9

versionCode: 30109

build time ms: 1589559826736

build date hr: 2020-05-15T16:23:46.736Z

variant: ratioRelease

cp vers: —

debug: false

model: Pixel 4

Latest update is fantastic. Has appeared to fix all of the major issues.

Squeeze for assistant is working again, which is fantastic.

The minor issue with the news setting still exists, but it’s very minor.

Thank you to the developers for all their hard work.

Thank you for the feedback, we’re glad the latest update has fixed most issues you were encountering!
Is there a chance you could post a screenshot/recording of the problem you are experiencing with news?

I hope the screenshots work. As I said, it is only a very minor issue (it also applies to any other toggled setting that can be expanded it seems).

There probably won’t be many cases where the option is switched off before the menu is collapsed. But if the submenu is open and the switch it toggled to off, the option to collapse the menu disappoears, and the submenu can no longer be closed.

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Yeah, that’s perfect.
@olivier Probably an easy fix, the specificsettings for each Root setting should collapse if the main setting is disabled

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it’s fixed in the upcoming update

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:+1: sorted. Great work.