Pinned Calendar Card

Hey Devs, in he couple days I returned to the stock launcher (The good ol’ style suddenly feels new :joy:), I discovered this widget made by Francisco Franco. I believe you guys could take some design cues from it. With roughly the same size, a single event card can display the entire event while Ratio cannot.
It would also be great to have the pinned calendar card scrollable, swipe up to show the next event, and the event snaps into place like how the current root screen is scrolled.
Here are the screenshots~
Current Ratio:


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I agree, at first it’s not a big deal since you have the amazing root card with all the info, but the pinned card in top should save the extra step of going to check the root, I mean since the productivity is the goal this will help a lot.

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These are great ideas guys! We’ll definitely make note of this and will hopefully have time to do some Root widgets improvements in the near future.