Picture in picture

I want to adress an issue: Picture in picture for youtube (for example) isn’t working. The pop-up for the video immediately disappears when I go to Ratio launcher.
Thank you for your hardwork!


Can confirm! Pip having issue with YT(Vanced)


One workaround: you could try to tap where normally the PIP would appear and it should be available again. But yeah can also confirm it on my device


Hey bro btw, When you launch Videos on YT from ratio, does it open in Vanced or default to YT?

It happened with Nova Launcher exactly the same way. Don’t think it’s on Ratio’s end.

Speaking of YoutubeVanced
Anybody figure out what the youtube shortcut in Root page is suppoed to be?

^this is all i got everytime i try using it, nothing more than a Youtube Logo…

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You are supposed to have this

It opens YT Vanced if you deactivate the official YouTube in settings :slight_smile:

When I type YouTube in the root, nothing happens. Just wondering what the issue could be. I am using one plus 7t pro

try to write youtube and something you want to search. e. g. youtube mkbhd and you will get results

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I don’t think it recognizes the YT vanced app as the YT app, also pip has always been an issue on Android 10 with custom launchers especially on the op7pro. I used to have the same issue on lawnchair before this.

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Afte typing YouTube followed by what I want to search, it showed me the results. However when play any video, the play button followed by other YouTube buttons stay on top of the video. This only goes away when I put on full screen to cover the screen completely. This also comes back when I accidentally touch the screen, which doesn’t do away. I will have to pinch the screen again to hide those buttons on top of the screen. This issue was not there when I was using oxygen launcher on my one plus 7t Pro

try this: Check in the YT App under Settings > Accessibility and disable the Accessibility player.

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PiP doesn’t work properly in most launchers. I’ve had the same problem with Niagara. With Pixel launcher it’s flawless.

what settings are you talking about? i tired opening vanced but the app keeps getting force closed

How did you get vanced to work? mine keeps getting force closed. is this the root version or non root?