Photo Sync related Issue in Blloc Desk


I tried accessing them from the folder, but there is an issue as in the Blloc desk all the photos are categorized as originally present in the phone and in the file explorer all are dumped in the just one place which becomes really difficult to find the photo I am looking for.
Also, the page on the Blloc desk is stuck and I am not able to scroll them and getting black screen when trying the open photos from Blloc Desk issue on my windows laptop.
One more point I find frequent disconnection between my phone and Blloc desk.
Would really love to get these issue solved as I am loving to use the Ratio on my phone :heart_eyes:

Phone: One Plus 6

laptop: Windows 10

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are looking into it, and hope to have a fix for it soon :slight_smile: