Phone synced onced, then it stopped

Using Ratio with BllockDesk with OnePlus7TPro here
I haev changed the sync location and after backing up all my photos (I moved all the photos to somewhere else)
BllocDesk is having unlinked photos showing, and when i click sync to see if it will work, it doesn’t. I have tried opening closing, reconnecting the phone again, none of it worked.

I have clicked “Upload Log” and hope it will help.


Have you tried resetting blloc ratio on the phone. It’s on the Blloc settings :slight_smile: it doesn’t reset anything just refreshes the app and it’s connections!

haha i gave up… I did try resetting the connection but the sync / missing files still appears at the time… relying on Android File Transfer for now… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: