Phone doesnt start even with power+volume up buttons

I cant turn on my phone.
I do every step here

but nothing works. Battery is charged for sure.

Please help.

Hi there,
More information needed like mobile brand, android version, what you did before phone unresponsive etc.
Then we may solve .

Blloc zero18

Few last days the phone was turning off it self at the display sleep moment.
I could only turn it on by pressing power button for 25-30 s.
I did this way 3-4 times.
Then I thought that update might help and started update process, but during installation the phone turned off and now I cant start it no way.

Battery was on 60% at last moment I saw.
I did plug it in to the power socket for few hours, so I think now battery should be full, however there was no charging signs.

I try connect it to Mac BllocFlash but this doesn’t help as well.
I try to turn it on by many ways - long power, power+sound up, same buttons plugged and unplugged to power - nothing works.

These signs indicate that poblem is due to battery. Change the battery. I think battery is dead.
Go to the service center.

Incase it is new battery, try to contact z18 officials for help. If phone got off in the middle of update process, it may corrupt the software.

Reach @BllocTeam