Petition To Return Pure AMOLED Black On Focus Mode

Hi there! If I remember correctly, during the beta period, the focus mode in Ratio turned the tiles to amoled black back when we still didn’t have the translucent themes. That iteration of focus mode was so good because it really showed an interface where its vibe is just like a “we mean business” kind of thing. It was so clean and nice. Don’t get me wrong, the one we have right now is still good, but that amoled black is just better imo. Petition to bring it back pls! Or at least an option to toggle it. Hoping my wish gets granted.


I agree! It looked absolutely fabulous in my opinion!


I agree, that AMOLED black looked so good :sparkles:


These are, sadly, the only screenshots I could find in my backup files. Ratio looks absolutely beautiful yet formal in this focus mode!
Please bring it back!