Persistent sun mode in ratio

The sun mode in ratio is not persistent and changes back to the dark theme after locking and unlocking the phone (realme 6i, android 10). I cannot paste a video since locking the device stops screen recording, but it is fairly reproducible. Switch to sun mode. Lock you device. Now unlock it and it will change to the default dark theme. I guess this is a bug, but if this is intended then a persistent sun mode will be great :+1:. Thank you.


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Do you mind checking if the “Disable sun mode when leaving Ratio” switch is toggled on in Ratio Settings? If I recall correctly, on is the default. Toggling off will prevent this issue from happening, and also prevent Ratio from switching back to normal when you open apps (therefore “when leaving Ratio”).


Ahhh thank you so much. You are correct it was on. Now it works. Thank you so much.


Glad it worked out for you! If there are any more issues that you feel is unexpected or parts that can be improved upon, please feel free to contribute here again in the right places.

Since this thread has reached a conclusion, I’ll close it.

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