Password removing

Onepluse 7 pro /When you put password on application then done you cant remove the password :grin::grin:till you clear storage in setting then you re open retion it ask for verification cod you put it and start again :rofl:

Yes I experienced the same. But you can just go to ratio settings > tiles> edit drawers and remove the password from that app and restart ratio.

I have a similar problem. I accidentally locked a drawer, and for some reason the fingerprint does not work. I’ve tried to remove all fingerprints from the phone, but it still doesn’t unlock the drawer. For now I’ve moved away the apps that were in it, but it’s annoying that it can’t be removed. I’m on the OnePlus 7t pro

It works fine for me. I didn’t face any problem locking the whole drawer and unlocking it. Device still not supported by blloc. But no problems faced. I am using Honor play.

I am facing issue in app lock. Like say I locked Outlook and when I click in app drawer it asks fingerprint, that’s fine. But when I click option button again it asks fingerprint unlock. Don’t know why. This is the issue I am facing.

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