Paired Device Offline/Server not found

Device brand and model: OPPO A9 2020

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Ratio version: 3.2.3:27

Problems encountered when using ratio: I cant access bllocdesktop connection and on the phone it says paired device offline even thought its connected on my pc


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Are both the phone and laptop on the same wifi?

I am using a pc. Connecting on the same internet too :pensive:

Is the PC connected via wifi or ethernet?

Im using ethernet :slight_smile:

That’s the problem. Right now, ratio needs both the phone and laptop connected to the same wifi.

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I am also encountering the same problem. I have made hotspot with my phone and connected the pc with it.

Is this the problem

You can’t do that at the moment neither. You need to connect both to the same WiFi, hotspots won’t work.

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I’d advice you to include ALL the information specified in this post to maximize the chance that the phone will get officially supported. :blush: