Pair option not showing in Ratio settings

I am using a Google Pixel 2 and I got the invitation today to install the Ratio and Blloc desk apps.
I installed them both.

There was description on how to pair the phone with the BllocDesk app but when I go to the Ratio setting(Ratio Settings->General) there is no option listed to sync my phone with pc.

Additional info: I am using a Desktop and it is connected to internet over LAN whereas my phone is connected to the internet using WiFi

Kindly support.

Raghavan Mohan.

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As far as I know it’s advised to connect the laptop to the phone hotspot.

@Nostalgia, Thanks…The “BlockDesk Connection” option now shows up in the Ratio Settings->General.
I believe intially this option didn’t show because I installed the Ratio app directly from the Link they have provided in the mail, Later I have uninstalled the app from my phone and installed it again by using the BllocDesk app.

Now I am facing Pairing issue, As you have mentioned, I cannot connect it to a Hotspot because I am using a Desktop, It is connected to internet using Ethernet cable… Any solutions for this issue now?

No it will not work. Did you checked is that working? Last time I checked it’s not working on Hotspot

I’m afraid not. I think I read it on the installation thread that it’s a recommended step to pair